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Saizem 12mg 1.5 Ml: Growth Hormone, Somatropin and HGH Growth

Saizem is a growth hormone produced for humans. According to its dosage, it can be used to both burn body fat and increase muscle mass. Growth hormone is the most important among the hormones in the human body and its healthy production is very important for the body.

Benefits of Growth Hormone

Growth hormone affects many processes in the body. The most important benefits are:

  1. Increase in Muscle Mass: Growth hormone enables the increase and development of muscle mass. People who take a daily dosage of 6-10IU see increases in bulk and muscle mass.
  2. Defining and Burning Fat: Growth hormone can also be used to burn body fat. People who take a daily dosage of 3-4IU will see their body fat decrease and their definition increase.

How to Ship Saizem?

Saizem is a product that requires a cold chain and should be stored in a refrigerator under normal conditions. At the time of shipping, the product is shipped with a styrofoam box or ice. The product should be stored at a temperature of 2-8 degrees.

How Much Does Saizem 12 Mg Price?

Saizem 12 Mg 1.5 Ml price:

$ 71,12

How to Use Saizem

Saizem is available in a 1.5ml tube and should always be stored in a refrigerator. The product is injected by pulling with an insulin needle. The area to be injected must first be made clean, sterile and dry. Injection should be done around 4 fingers without getting too close to the navel. The product can also be injected several times the daily dosage.

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Shipping & Payment

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