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The product I want is the original steroid tablet and I want to order it. Eating alone is not enough to gain weight. Adequate calorie and nutrient consumption is required for muscle growth. If you exercise naturally, inadequate nutritional intake can negatively affect muscle growth.

If enough nutrients are not consumed, the body cannot achieve the highest muscle development. Also, consuming too much junk food can add unnecessary fat to the body and cause weight gain rather than promoting muscle growth.

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The body's capacity to build muscle is limited, and the protein consumed must be synthesized to build new muscle. This synthesis capacity is dependent on the natural testosterone level. It is true that the more you eat, the larger you will grow, but it will stop at a limited point.

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We can explain this situation with the example of a construction worker. Think of your muscles as a house, and the bricks used to build it symbolize proteins. Workers represent the factors in the protein synthesis process. Without adequate protein, muscles grow slowly and their development is limited.

Getting more protein doesn't mean it will build the house faster, it will be wasted if it exceeds the capacity of the workers. In the same way, paying workers more does not mean that the house will be built faster, because workers have physical limits, the extra wage does not improve their performance.

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In short, by adding unnecessary nutrients or calories to your body, you cannot achieve results that you cannot achieve naturally. Nutritional and calorie supplements are stored as fat when the saturation point is reached. So while it's true that the more you eat, the more bulk you'll gain, the extra weight will be in the form of fat, not muscle tissue.

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